This business has three separate, but complimentary monetization components:

1. Software Program for Bloggers

This is a desktop app (Adobe AIR, Mac-PC) and has been profitable from day 1.

With excellent placement in the search engines and branding that beats all other competitors in the desktop curation space this software is the market leader. No detail was left out of the development, website or marketing system and the software is a massive hit in the blogging and internet marketing communities.

2. Membership Site – PR3

Online since 2005, this is a complete¬†membership site resource for “blogger training”. With almost 2,000 pages of indexed content and professional video instruction and guides in the membership section, this membership site needs an experienced marketer to continue to market it and add value.

3. 155,000 email list – Internet Marketing

This list was built via traffic coming to the membership site (120,000 users managed by Infusionsoft) and the free and paid users that make up the software product (35,000 users managed by mailchimp).

These lists are very engaged and interested in new product launches that relate to internet marketing, blogging, or making money on-line in general.

If your currently involved in internet marketing or have experience monetizing email lists, then this opportunity could be the perfect fit for you.

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