The site¬†was started in 2004 by two brothers, Chris & Michael . The story of the site is actually quite interesting, so I'd recommend you check out the “about us” page once you receive the url.

Simply stated, the business is an advertising supported content site in the Christian niche with a large number of high-quality articles and an engaged user base.

The site is primarily monetized though advertising. Adsense is the default monetization and fills unsold inventory when direct ad placements can't be made at a higher CPM rate.

Occasionally, advertisers will inquire about newsletter promotions or other custom advertising arrangements and these are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Key Metrics:

PA/DA: 52/44
Majestic TF/CF: 26/51
April Visitors: 120,606
April UV: 867,801
Bounce Rate: 64%
Avg Session Duration: 3:42
Pages Indexed: 1,090