About Our Team

Digital Acquisitions was founded in 2010 in order to help entrepreneurs buy and sell websites safely and effectively. We work with only high-quality sellers who have built solid businesses in order to provide our buyer clients with businesses that will produce an strong initial ROI and continue to produce income for years to come. We have always specialized in digital businesses, with high growth potential, allowing the new owner to step in and immediately increase revenues and profits by tapping the unmet potential of the business they are buying. We’ve helped hundreds of clients over the years and produced as many success stories.

Ryan Kaufman

Partner, Managing Broker
Ryan took over Digital Acquisitions in 2013 and has be actively cultivating both the buyer and seller network. Today, Digital Acquisitions is a thriving marketplace for small to mid digital businesses.

Dustin Struckman

Partner, Buyer Representation Manager
Dustin has been doing businesses online since 1997 and have built and sold dozens of successful web businesses. He joined Ryan in 2016. After having built and sold his last 5 business through Digital Acquisitions, he and Ryan realized they worked very well together and were able to help the buyers interested in Dustin’s businesses make good decisions that resulted in win-win deals.

Luke Havard

Off-market Deal Sourcing Specialist
Luke has developed a unique and proprietary method for sourcing deals that meet very specific criteria. This allows us to offer a buyer representation service that is unmatched if not nonexistent anywhere else in the industry. Over the past five years Luke has been involved in dozens of buyer rep deals ranging from $500,000 to over $20 million.

Griffin Sinn

Executive Broker / Acquisitions Coordinator
Griffin has worked as a broker for one of the largest Digital brokerages in the US.  He also has extensive startup experience and is one hell of a guy!  

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